• Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Infographic: 6 Biggest Field Service Trends to Watch Right Now

6 Biggest Trends for service lifecycle management software

Where is field service headed in 2018? The past shapes the present, and in the field service industry, everyone’s looking to the future. See how the biggest trends of 2017 will shape the priorities of 2018. According to TSIA’s State of Field Services, there are 6 major trends you must understand if you want to succeed in 2018 and beyond.

Here’s a sneak peek of Trend #1: Goodbye CapEx Models. Hello “As-a-Service”

More and more companies are looking to purchase technology as a service, not as an asset they own. This huge, disruptive megatrend is the driving force behind all the other major field service trends. Hardware manufacturers in particular need to find creative ways to boost their service revenues so that those gains can offset the significant revenue losses from their traditional business model of earning revenue from making and selling products.

Here’s a sneak peek of Trend #2: New field service offers bring new demands on the organization.

Field services in the traditional CapEx world were basically product-attached support and maintenance contracts. But as product placements decline, so do product-attached services. As customers demand new services that help them achieve their business outcomes, the impact reverberates throughout the entire field service industry. Here’s how service contracts are evolving:

  • SLA for basic support and maintenance –> Shifting from Response Time to Resolution Time
  • Reactive Support –> proactive support
  • Time-and-material contracts –> managed/bundled support offers (i.e., preventive maintenance and guaranteed uptime)

Want to see the other major trends that will impact your biggest initiatives, including how you attract and retain field service engineers and which service lifecycle management solution you adopt?

Download the infographic or TSIA report to learn how to embrace all the field service trends including:


  • How to evolve from response-time contracts to resolution-time service contracts
  • What innovative service offering can help your clients get higher ROI on equipment
  • How service lifecycle management solutions can help your field service engineers “expand sell”
  • How “digital twins” help hardware manufacturers offer ‘Product-as-a-Service’ models
  • How to get paid a fair price for the value you create by adding capabilities to meet new customer demands

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