• Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Video: How to Prepare Networks for the IoT Impact


The deciding factor between your service organization’s success or failure in 2018 can be defined in two small yet vastly important little words:

Customer Experience.

That is why 50% of organizations are using or exploring IoT to improve the Customer Experience. Yet only 25% of businesses have prepared their networks to handle IoT traffic and the data needed to analyze it. Because their networks are “IoT-Ready”, these businesses are 2.5X more likely to increase their service revenue.

How do you follow their model and realize the greatest benefits from your IoT deployment?

Check out the Aberdeen video and report, How to Prepare Networks for the IoT Impact, to learn:

  • What is the business case for an IoT-ready network?
    • HINT: 60% more likely to see higher customer retention.
  • How does optimizing your network for IoT deliver better monitoring and analytics?
    • HINT: Six times more likely to have real-time analytics.
  • Most importantly, how do you deploy a reliable IoT platform and understand its ROI?
Download Aberdeen Report

Looking to use IoT to improve your customer experience?

Astea Alliance, our award-winning field service management solution, helps service organizations improve the customer experience by seamlessly integrating with leading IoT platforms such as Cumulocity and Microsoft Azure®.

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