• Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Infographic: What Techs Want – How to Attract the Next Generation of Field Technicians



Did you know that for every 7 field technicians who retire, there are only 3 to replace them?

As many service-driven companies know all too well, there is a global talent war being waged for the next generation of field technicians. In fact, an astounding 70% of companies will face a field service talent deficit in the coming 10 years.

Your challenge is compounded by the fact that WHO you are hiring is different in 2 ways:

  1. Millennials are very different than field engineers of past generations.
  2. Who you want your next-gen technicians to be – i.e., more involved in managing accounts and helping produce additional revenue from the field – requires a different skill set than in years past.

At the same time, your competitors are vying for the same limited talent pool, so how can you gain an edge in your recruitment efforts? The answer is simple: find out what the next generation of field technicians want!

That is exactly what Astea did. We reviewed a recent survey by The Service Council to figure out what makes all technicians “tick”, but in particular the millennial technicians. From that report, we created an infographic that tells you crucial information including:

  • 35% of field technicians find their job through a referral
  • What are techs’ best and worst parts of their job (Hint: 29% hate searching for information)
  • What mobile capabilities do techs want most? (Hint: top requested item is ‘Pre-Visit Review of Service History’)
  • What is the profile of a millennial tech including: where do they look for jobs, what motivates them to work for a certain company over another, and what are their technology preferences?

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Understanding the technician’s viewpoint adds value beyond your recruiting efforts. Your technicians interface with your customers and communicate your value propositions every day. Ultimately, they are your brand. Understanding their point of view can help you successfully roll out new technology and meet your clients’ every-increasing expectations.

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