Astea is Frost & Sullivan’s Pick for the “Best Value” Mobile Workforce Management Solution

10/17/2017 / Uncategorized / Erica Tuite


If your company sends service technicians into the field, then you need a Mobile Workforce Management solution.

It’s mission critical for so many reasons: visibility into field techs, connecting mobile workers to the back office, exchange of real-time data for a better customer experience, and so on. Yet according to the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Mobile Enterprise Applications Survey, 26% of North American companies are either delaying or completely rejecting the implementation of a new Mobile Workforce Management, or a field service management software, solution.

But if that type of solution is so vital, why are nearly a quarter of service organizations delaying it? There are several reasons why:

1)     Cost concerns

  • Will I have to purchase all new mobile devices for my field agents?
  • Will I have to hire an expensive IT consultant to customize the solution?

2)     ROI is unclear

3)     Lack of user-friendly Mobile Workforce Management solutions in the market

At Astea, we understand all these concerns. That is why we designed Alliance™ Mobile Edge™. Frost & Sullivan presented Astea with the Customer Value Leadership Award for Mobile Workforce Management because Mobile Edge helps service companies overcome all these challenges.


According to Frost & Sullivan, Alliance Mobile Edge:

  • Offers powerful features in a user-friendly app  inspired by Google® Material Design principles
  • Is easily adopted by technicians, helping achieve ROI faster
  • Is highly customizable without needing the help of an IT expert
  • Allows administrators to utilize over 100+ modular settings to create the perfect digital work environment for each technician, group, geography or division
  • Delivers flexibility in all ways:
    • It can run on any mobile device (laptop, tablet, smartphone);
    • on Android or iOS mobile operating systems;
    • And it can be delivered on-premises or cloud-based (SaaS)

Learn why Frost & Sullivan gave Astea the award, including criteria such as price and performance value, customer purchase experience and overall business impact.

Then take Alliance Mobile Edge for a test drive and judge for yourself.

After you do that, check out the pictures from the Frost & Sullivan Awards Gala in Austin, Texas on September 19, 2017.

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