• Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Astea Infographic: Keeping Pace with Service Technology

field service management software

Selecting the right field service management software, deploying it effectively, and measuring its results can all pose challenges. Service companies face vital decisions in all stages of technology procurement that can have profound results post-implementation. Questions like ‘Should we purchase all our technology solutions from one vendor, or should we select best-of-breed solutions and integrate them?‘ and ‘Should we leverage third party contractors to augment our workforce’ are all key decisions that service leaders need to make.

After you select the right field service management solution for your needs, then you are faced with how to roll it out to your technicians in a way that encourages their adoption. It’s crucial to note that the majority of field service executives named “The Adoption of the Tool by the Field Crew” as their most complex challenge. So, how do you increase technician adoption of new technology? And after you do implement a new field service dispatch software, how do you measure its effectiveness?

Learn the answers to those key questions as well as others in Astea’s latest infographic: Keeping Pace with Service Technology.


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