• Wednesday, March 21, 2018

How Mobile and the Rise of Big Data are Changing Everything

Is technology an afterthought at your company, or does it power your whole service organization?

The best mobile field management software helps transfer knowledge from seasoned technicians to new workers.

The best mobile field management software helps transfer knowledge from seasoned technicians to new workers.

Regardless of how tightly your technology solution is aligned with your overall business strategy, you have to admit that it is nearly impossible to compete without agile, flexible technology. Not only is technology the fuel that powers the world’s leading service companies, it is also increasingly becoming mobile technology that is king. In fact, over half — 60% to be exact — of respondents in The 2017 Field Service USA Benchmark Report consider their organization to be “mobile first” in its field service operation strategy. (“Mobile First” means they design all IT primarily with mobile in mind.)

When faced with critical strategic decisions, such as which mobile field management software to use and how to handle aging technicians and the recruitment of new talent, sometimes it’s helpful to benchmark your organization’s top challenges with your peers’. When service executives were surveyed at the Field Service USA conference earlier this year, they provided insight into how they are handling such challenges. They also predicted the next big, transformative trends in field service and how they were planning to leverage them.

Check out Astea’s latest infographic, 5 Top Trends and Challenges, to see how leading service organizations are prioritizing new technology projects, overcoming challenges like knowledge management and user adoption, and leveraging trends like contingent workers to help meet increasing customer demands. To see all the insights that The 2017 Field Service USA Benchmark Report has to offer, download the full report for free.

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