• Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Workforce Management Software: Driving the Future of Field Service

The ultimate goal of a field service organization and the service leader is to efficiently close work orders and leave customers with a positive view. As technology and information continue to advance at a rapid rate, it is critical for business leaders to adopt workforce management software and mobile field service software tools to stay one step ahead.

A recent report by the Aberdeen Group, titled “Field Service 2014: Access to the Right Information Empowers a Results-Driven Workforce,” shed light on key drivers to field service success in a data-driven, measurable world. Key tips from the report include:

  1. Nearly 8 out of 10 organizations have sampled workforce management software; however utilizing technology tools such as mobile field service software are also necessary for optimal field service performance. 
  2. Utilizing technology will allow your field technician access to on-demand information, resulting in more efficient and productive field service resolutions for customers. 
  3. Historically, companies relied on technicians who knew how to fix any problem in the field. Today, it is necessary to hold formal training programs for field teams and also outfit them with mobile field service software to access data on the go. 
  4. The ability for a service organization to have visibility to resources and assets within the field, including real-time dashboards and performance management technology is integral to ensuring that when something breaks, it can be reached and fixed efficiently. 
  5. Measuring anything that can be measured is important. For example, to combat the challenge of rising fuel costs, utilizing a tracking software to measure fuel usage will ensure accountability from field technicians to remain efficient. Moreover, utilizing workforce management software can help to deploy assignments in a geographically resourceful way. 

Click here to access more insights from the Aberdeen Group report.

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