• Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Access to the Right Information Empowers a Results-Driven Workforce

ad-blog-resultsdrivenworkforce-graphicField service has traditionally seemed quite simple. An asset or piece of equipment breaks, the customer notifies the service organization, dispatch schedules a field technician, the technician arrives within an agreed upon service window, fixes the asset, and then moves on to the next job. This process repeats itself for many service organizations, many times over, on a daily basis, and thus organizations have gotten really good at scheduling a technician to fix a down asset. As seen in Aberdeen’s Field Service 2013: Workforce Management Guide report (February 2013), top-performing organizations achieved a 92% success rate in meeting response times per service level agreements (SLAs). However, despite this metric showing a level of achievement in responding to customers upon a failure, at this point the asset has already failed, leading to an unproductive piece of equipment, and an unhappy customer. Field service excellence can no longer be defined by scheduling a technician appointment and routing that technician cost effectively to a customer site; the Best-in-Class are those that have identified ways to leverage the customer interaction of a field service visit into a value-add experience which not only resolves an issue but also highlights the importance of service.

This Analyst Insight will explore the best practices in the evolution of field service from an operational function of turning a wrench, into a relationship function of building partnerships with customers.  Click here to access whitepaper


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