• Thursday, January 18, 2018

An Insider’s Guide To Transforming Your Service Operation With Today’s Technology

Insiders GuideView this eye-opening webinar to hear how Scientific Games is leveraging field service and mobile workforce optimization technology to boost revenues, meet stringent customer response times, and maximize technician productivity.  David D. Douglas, Senior Director, Online Services Management for Scientific Games International, discusses the journey they took to transform their service operations from a cost center and moving it to a profit center. David’s organization is comprised of over 200 technicians that support 45,000 POS online terminals in retail environments as well as 520,000 peripherals and network devices.

During this webinar David from Scientific Games covers some key topics including:

• Building the business case for technology and key areas of return on investment

• Exploring how to effectively streamline your organization and make the most out of your existing workforce

• Managing the cultural change that results from implementing technology and process change.

• How they were able to optimize their dispatcher to technician ratio, increase their work order throughput, reduce service & inventory costs, and further improve customer satisfaction.

View this webinar today

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