• Tuesday, 14 August 2018

5 Things to Consider When Evaluating Field Service Management Solutions in the Cloud

5_things_to_considerThis whitepaper, written by The Service Council, presents key market dynamics and business justification for the initiation of Field Service Management transformation and illustrates the efficiencies gained by organizations that have embraced technology.

Recent research conducted by The Service Council indicates that services executives have turned their attention away from cost-cutting initiatives they were forced to implement over the recent recession years in exchange for the more positive strategy of managing revenue growth in the expanding global services economy. Nearly two-thirds (63%) of respondents expect their services-related revenues to increase through the course of the year, and almost everyone (94%) agrees that they do not expect revenues to recede in 2013. A majority of services executives also have specific plans this year to use their expanding revenue base to strengthen their respective services operations. Almost two-thirds (62%) plan to leverage their already strong internal service culture, coupled with their expanding revenue base, to focus on the following key outcomes:

• More satisfied customers
• Deeper partnerships with customers
• More consistent service performance and delivery
• Stronger competitive advantage
• Enhanced market image and reputation
• Healthier bottom line for the organization

Reaching these goals requires a comprehensive, structured, and well-coordinated approach to services management and this, in turn, requires reliance on improved service management and delivery solutions that can only be enabled by the adoption of new technology. As a result, many are beginning to invest in new technologies to support the anticipated growth and keep the momentum going.

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