• Wednesday, 20 June 2018

5 Key Areas of Optimization for Field Service

Innovative Technology Has Dramatic Impact on Streamlining Operations

Over the last year, TSIA has sharpened its focus on field service operations, initiating additional benchmarking of key field service financial, quality, and operational metrics. The data is now becoming available, and it paints a worrisome picture of the current state of the industry: The average cost of an enterprise field service visit has now surpassed $1,000. With companies looking for ways to improve operational efficiency and lower costs, field service is poised to dramatically reinvent itself, leveraging innovative technology and approaches to change the way companies interact with customers in the field.

Not only can optimizing field service reduce costs, it also can enable a project to generate revenue. Field agents, with their face-to-face interactions with customers, have a major impact on customer satisfaction and incremental revenue. In this report, five critical areas of the end-to-end field service processes will be examined, with recommendations for short- and long-term optimization for each. Longer term options will include how innovative approaches such as cloud technology and mobile tools are helping companies make dramatic improvements to productivity and cost.

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