• Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Press Release: The BP Group Selects Astea Alliance™ to Increase Customer Trust

Astea International announced today that the BP Group, a mechanical contracting and HVAC company based in New York City, has selected Astea’s cloud-based, field service management and mobility platform, Astea Alliance™, to optimize and improve its largescale service operation.

The BP Group chose Astea Alliance to harness the platform’s ability to increase customer transparency and trust, improve technician efficiency and effectiveness, and to differentiate the company as an innovator in the market.

“Alliance is making our work in the building technologies industry tangible,” said John Fanneron, president of the BP Group. “We’re able to show customers the cost of keeping their space at a certain humidity and temperature. Additionally, with the robust data that Alliance provides, we can tell them what they need to spend in order to protect their assets and how they can achieve cost- and energy-savings.”

“Astea’s technology is helping us empower our customers to make informed decisions about their service management.”

Astea’s partnership with XOi Technologies was another key selling point for the BP Group. The company is leveraging the integration of the Astea Alliance platform with XOi’s augmented reality and visual intelligence solution, allowing the BP Group to pioneer new solutions in their industry.

Click here to read the full press release, or click here to learn more about how Astea Alliance provides solutions in the HVAC and other field service industries.

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