Research Report: Medical Field Service & Integrated Solutions

Research Report - Medical Device Field Service Management - Integrations Solutions - Astea International & WBR Insights

With heavy regulation and compliance requirements, field service organizations in the medical device industry are often the early adopters and technology leaders to watch.

Physicians, medical facilities, and patients are regularly calling upon medical device field service organizations to do more. But with a lack of connection between back office intelligence and the world their technicians impact in the field, field service organizations are missing the integrated capabilities required to run a modern service business—scheduling, dispatching, logistics, inventory, and others. They also lack mobility solutions integrated in real-time with a central field service management (FSM) platform. It’s an issue that spans across industries for a variety of field service organizations.

Download this new research report from Astea and WBR Insights—entitled “Benchmarking Medical Field Service Management and a New Generation of Integrated Solutions”—to see the latest on:

  • how the leaders of medical field service are prioritizing and aligning themselves with patient satisfaction
  • recent innovations in medical field service technologies
  • benchmarking the success of existing integrations and FSM tech solutions
  • how organizations can use the latest technologies to take on their key goals, prevailing issues & pain points

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