Astea On-Demand Webinar: Visual Intelligence in Field Service Management

6/21/2018 / Digital Transformation / Field Service / Integrations / Erica Tuite

webinar field service management

You all know what field service management (FSM) solutions like Astea Alliance are, but how do they work with the XOi visual intelligence platform? Learn how using a wearable technology solution ties seamlessly into the Astea FSM software you use today to help you not only appeal to the next generation of field technicians, but to also offer increased technician efficiency and customer trust. If you missed the Astea and XOi Technologies webinar, “Visual Intelligence in FSM = Customer Trust & Field Technician Efficiency,” click the button below to watch the replay!


During the webinar, we covered:

  • How the Astea field service management and XOi Technologies visual intelligence integration works
  • How Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technologies instantly catalogue and share knowledge that technicians capture in the field
  • Live Case Study: The BP Group takes a holistic approach to solving the technician resource gap, differentiation and boosting customer transparency and trust

Watch On-Demand Webinar

During the live case study with The BP Group, we covered why they chose the integrated Astea and XOi solution, and here are some reasons:

  • Overcoming the skilled trades gap –

“Now every technician can be as effective as our best technician.”

  • Customer transparency –XOEye-on-tech-1

“With Astea, the product’s going to enable us to give the client access to their data in real time. So it’s purely transparent and they know exactly what’s going on in real time as a technician is even on the site.”

Jack Fanneron, President of The BP Group, explains how using the integrated field service management and visual intelligence solution is differentiating them and setting the bar high for the rest of their industry:

“We’re the first company that actually took the XOi solution and started to apply it in New York City, to challenge the rest of the HVAC contractors to offer the same type of transparency and accountability. We’re looking to complement that now with Astea Alliance such that all the data that we are able to capture via the XOi Vision software with our technicians is live in real-time and able to be shared internally and externally.”

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